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Basement Windows

double silder 1Valley Siding & Windows pvc basement window is the finishing touch to any window project. Our basement window has been designed for those hard to get at window wells and high ceilings found in many homes. Simple, yet surprisingly efficient, it is designed around a “raised rail” concept found on many European windows. Both sash panels operate for maximum ventilation and can be easily removed for cleaning.

This pvc basement window fits any decor without being obtrusive. Custom made to fit any opening, the sleek lines and simple but effective locking system makes this window a perfect finishing touch. A full exterior screen keeps leaves and backyard dirt out and makes cleaning our basement window a pleasure.


  1. Cam Locks 
  2. Full Pull Rail 
  3. Full Screen with Overlapping Frame 
  4. Finger latches 
  5. Drainage flaps 
  6. Stainless steel pivot shoe 
  7. Security Latches 
Double Tilt Sliding Windows Ottawa

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