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Premium Vinyl Siding

Mitten Sentry Vinyl Siding

Mitten Sentry Vinyl Siding OttawaBump up the curb appeal of your home with Mitten Sentry 44 Series Vinyl Siding. This siding is a premium product offered in a wide range of colours; from bold to natural, to standard. They've got a shade and colour combination to suit every taste. This product line features a 0.44'' thick panel characterized by deep silhouettes which creates shadow lines that envelope your home to create a crisp, clean look. Upon closer inspection, you will notice the rich cedar grain texture featured in all of the siding panels in low-gloss finish. This texture sets off the beautiful fade-resistant collection of 37 distinctive shades. Worried about colour specifications?

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Mitten Insulated Vinyl Siding

Mitten Insulated Vinyl Siding OttawaUpgrading your home with new vinyl siding can boost your curb-appeal, but what about the interior of your home? Are you looking to cut energy costs? Let us share with you this energy saving solution: Mitten Insulated Vinyl Siding. While many homeowners are familiar with Energy Star qualified appliances and energy efficient windows, they may be surprised to hear that insulated siding can also improve a home's energy performance. Offering the same durability and style of premium Mitten Vinyl Siding, but with a money-saving twist. With unmatched quality and beauty, Mitten Insulated Vinyl Siding is created using materials that will induce continuous insulation throughout all four seasons!

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Kaycan Richmond Vinyl Siding

Kaycan Richmond Vinyl Siding OttawaAs a homeowner, are you looking to make a statement with your home exterior? Whether you're selling or just looking for a refresh, look no further than Kaycan Richmond Vinyl Siding. As a market leader in siding, they deliver quality and exceptional value. The individuals at Kaycan are passionate about constantly raising their standards of excellence which distinguishes their products from the rest. Choose superior performance, outstanding beauty and durability. Historically inspired, this particular siding is a bold statement that offers a palette of rich heritage colours to choose from.

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Gentek Sequoia Vinyl Siding

Gentek Sequoia Vinyl Siding OttawaCreate a lasting impression with the quiet sophistication of Gentek Sequoia Vinyl Siding. With unrivaled quality, Sequoia Select offers siding to suit any style with subtle hints of detail that make this siding stand out from the rest. Give your home a touch of elegance with a wide selection of hues to choose from, created by a team of colour specialists. Give your home the upgrade it deserves! Gentek ultra-premium siding is engineered to protect your home against the weather in all four seasons whilst maintaining its beauty. This siding will meet and exceed your every expectation when it comes to home exteriors.

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