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Dave and Marie Currie


We are looking out through our beautiful new windows at the storm beyond. After consulting all of our neighbours who had had their windows replaced and by which companies, only your company came out as very highly recommended. Thus we contacted you and were given an estimate by your very professional and courteous representative whose pleasant manner made it almost fun to spend a small fortune.

( We replaced all the windows in the house ) The estimated date of installation was honoured and we were introduced to a whole new set of your employees. Helene was very good about keeping us up to date about the actual time of installation based upon the variable weather conditions. I was a bit dubious about installing windows during the winter but these fears were totally unfounded since the period of time when the windows were out was very short. There is also the advantage of no bugs coming in during installation.

Now we come to the amazing installation team! I've never seen such efficient, hard working, and pleasant workers. They arrived on time, got to work right away, answered our questions clearly, and kept the work site clean both inside and outside. Their sense of humour helped us build rapport and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to them. All in all, dealing with your company has been a very pleasant experience! We have already begun to recommend you to all our friends. Thanks for a job well done!

Dave and Marie Currie