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Jerry Pitzul

In the end three companies made the short list. One was disqualified because of a pricing quote that was more than double anyone else. The second was disqualified because they could not guarantee success in dealing with the shutters and were not confident in dealing with that issue. The winning company was Valley Siding but for more than the obvious reasons of a good product, appropriate priced, and propertly installed by a reputable company. I would like to speak to some of those reasons as follows.

I start with your exceptional sales representative. In a business where the hard sell appears to be the norm, his approach was different. His approach was to be helpful, supportive, and informative even when it was not necessarily in his best interest but in the interest of the company and the industry as a whole. It was a pleasure dealing with him. He helped us with window type selection, colour and door glass selection, and responded to a myriad of questions that we had for him. He did research for us, never missed a follow up phone call and was always the perfect gentleman when dealing either with myself or my spouse. He made multiple visits to our house to make sure in the end we could get the project done with our satisfaction. He even appeared with coffee when the installation was nearing completion to see if we were satisfied. In short he did his job well and inspired our confidence in Valley Siding.

Next to arrive on the scene was Pierre Crete. Pierre was to lead the installation process. He did a through review of the project including his own measurements. He was carefull to explain how he was going to deal with the shutter issue indicating that he had done a similar installation many times before especially in heritage homes or condominiums. He estimated the lenght of the project but was careful to insert a caveat on the project depending on the weather. He also satisfied us that the project could be done in the winter time without trouble. He and his installation team, did a great job. Taking their time, making sure every detail was attended to, answering all of our questions with good humour, and in the end our windows and door look great, have performed flawlessly, and we have received all the benefits we sought when we started out this project.

I would lastly like to mention Helene Bouffard. Helene in her no nonsense kind of way makes sure it all works, for the customer, the sales representatives, the installation team, the manufacturerr and Valley Siding. We had a semi-circle window that was not easy to deal with. The caning in the window required the manufacturer to rent special equipment (unforseen) to bend it into the required design. This was done at no additional cost to the customer (you stood by your quote, evidence of an honest and reputable company). The trim around this window to fit propertly was done three times. Ince it did not fit (manufacturer's fault), the second tie it fit but required removal of a towel rack which we no longer wished removed so the trym had to be remoulded a third time. There was no additional cost for this. In this instance Valley Siding through the exceptional support of Helene got the job done to the total satisfaction of the customer. There was nothing more we could ask from the support Helene gave us.

I will close by saying that our experience with your company was first rate in all aspects and you should be very proud of your product but more importantly of the people you have working for you. They make the difference. I would be pleased to recommend your company at any time.