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Spacer - Questions & Answers

Super Spacer...True Warm Edge and Outstanding Durability.

Warm Edge Technology is more than just a low conductive product that makes windows more thermally efficient. The warm edge spacer is the actual seal that keeps the glass package in windows from failing. There are two types of insulating glass systems on the market today: single seal and dual seal systems. Single seal units are constructed of only one type of sealant, which is called upon to perform double-duty.

Not only must the sealant retard the infiltration of moisture vapor, but it must also hold the unit together under a wide variety of both high and low temperatures while withstanding the effects of high-humidity and ultraviolet exposure. A dual-seal unit is constructed using a combination of a sealant which functions mainly as a high-strength adhesive and a second sealant, which is used primarily as a moisture vapor seal.

Super Spacer® is a dual seal insulating glass system. Super Spacer is a NO-Metal, structural foam insulating glass spacer that uses a high-strength acrylic adhesive for its silicone seal. Backed with a moisture vapor seal, Super Sealed Insulating Glass lasts five times longer in durability tests than single seal units.

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