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Maibec - Wood Siding & Shingles

Maibec Wood Siding & Shingles OttawaInspired by a neverending passion for wood and architectural design, Maibec true wood siding and shingles offer quality and innovation. For over 40 years, Maibec has worked tirelessly to develop and redevelop the wood siding they produce in mass quantities today. By combining the best of human ingenuity, science and a love for wood, they are able to bring out the true beauty of this resource. In addition, Maibec has a commitment to making the most of every tree’s full potential, and they stand by it! They believe that when working with genuine wood, it’s important to respect its natural properties and limitations. After all, it is one of the world’s most important resources! Characterized by consistency, uniformity and beauty, genuine wood siding and shingles produced by Maibec are more durable than most. They are a trusted name in the siding market and are proud of every single project they have completed.

As stated on their website, blue fibre flows through their veins like the sap that nourishes a tree. A company built on respect for the environment and the products that come from it. Your home will look breathtakingly beautiful covered in warm tones of wood siding. They are available in a multitude of colours and are constantly exploring new stains, siding, shingles and moulding designs. Using only the most sophisticated equipment, the staining of the wood itself ensures top notch quality and an even application. Working with the wood instead of against it is what they say sets them apart. We agree! We are also proud to offer this product as an authentic and eco-responsible option for your home. Did you know a spruce tree takes nearly half a century to be ready for harvest? It has taken Maibec just as long to achieve their level of expertise. The art of harvesting, cutting, shaping and staining wood is not something that can be learned overnight, these skills have been developed through years of experience. If you want to envelope your home in only the richest of materials, look no further than Maibec wood siding and shingles. We would love to speak with you about how this natural solution can work for you!

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