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When it’s quality you’re looking for, the obvious choice is Vinyl Siding from Valley Siding & Windows for your home exterior. When you want to take your home’s curb appeal up a notch, look no further than the vibrance of our Advanced Color Technology.

Valley Siding & Windows offers a wide combination of profiles and colors that will both complement and contrast for outstanding curb appeal. We guarantee the color will stay true for the life of your home with our Lifetime Fade Protection Warranty.


Siding Insulation - Fan-Fold Housewrap

Table of R-Values

75° 25° 75°
1/4" .96 1.08 2.95
3/8" 1.46 1.63 3.44
1/2" 2.00 2.17 3.98
3/4" 2.92 3.26 4.90
1" 3.85 4.17 5.83

Siding Insulation - Polyisocyanurate Insulation Sheathing

iko enerfoil logoEnerfoil by IKO is a rigid polyisocyanurate insulation sheathing with a foil facer laminated on the top and bottom side. Manufactured at IKO's state of the art ISO 9001-2008 registered facility, Enerfoil is a sheathing that:

  • Provides high termal resitance of R6 per inch (RSI 1.05 per 25 mm) for improved energy efficient performance of walls.
  • Helps decrease the cost of construction. Designers can reduce the overall footprint of their buildings, as a smaller thickness of Enerfoil achieves the same R-value (RSI) of other types of insulation.
  • Is environmentally friendly. No ozone-depleting HCFC's are used in the manufacture of Enerfoil, making it an ideal "Green" product. Enerfoil's Energy Star certification menas that i clearly contributes to reducing energy consumption.
  • Is user-friendly. Laminated facers on both sides of the sheathing provide moderate abuse-resistance of the jobsite. Enerfoil is lightweight & easy to cut, thus reducing labor costs on the site. Stud indicators improve accuracy of installation.
  • Provides versatility. Foil facings provide the long-term moisture resitance necessary for cavity wall applications. Enerfoil's facings are also compatible with solvent-based materials, which can attach and compromise the performance of the other termoplastic insulations.
  • Has a uniform thickness for consitently maintaining air space requirenments in cavity wall applications.


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