Valley Siding & Windows Ottawa is your award winning and trusted source for new, replacement residential windows and residential exterior doors in Ottawa. Our doors are synonymous with enduring quality and eminent style. And simply, that is why we our doors are "for people who take pride in their home."

If the window is a passageway to the soul, then surely the door must be the entrance to the heart. And home is most certainly where the heart is. You see, your choice of door speaks volumes about you and your home. Grand or subtle, ornate or elegant, private or transparent? Effortlessly, the right door can transform your home to represent everything that is unique about you, and your style.

That is why we remain so passionate about our high standards in design and craftsmanship. Why we carefully select our dealer partners and suppliers. And why we are so committed to value, timely custom production and top-level customer service. We want your experience our doors to be nothing short of perfect.


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Vitre-Art Doors

vitre-art-logoDespite economic constraints, Vitre-Art has always adopted responsible business and environmental practices, constantly showing respect for people — its customers, as well as its employees. We have put our craftsmanship first by deciding to keep our plant in Montréal, and not relocating our production in China. More than 100 Vitre-Art employees manufacture products using our unique ideas and design and best production practices.

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Entryguard Doors

entryguard-doorsOne of Canada's premier suppliers of quality entrance door systems. We offer a complete selection of commodity and decorative entrance doors for the replacement, renovation and new construction markets.

Verre Select Doors

verre-select logoVerre Select stands out from competition with the originality and diversity of its products: decorative glass, welded and non welded, V-Groove, silkscreen and cast glass. We also produce the very popular Executive Panels and Dynastie moldings that can really add an elegant and stylish look to your front door. In addition, we manufacture a wide variety of decorative interior door glass models. We specialize in custom orders jobs, which can increase you curb appeal and the value of your home in a big way. Verre Select products do meet Energy Star criteria used in the manufacturer of Energy Star approved doors and windows.


Novatech Doors

novatech logoToday, the Novatech Group is completely vertically integrated: glass transformation, custom making of door glasses, manufacturing of steel and fiberglass door panels, bending and extrusion of PVC, etc. The Novatech Group’s facilities are ultra modern and combined cover an area of more than 495,000 square feet.


Patio Doors and Garden Doors

Garden Doors, sometimes referred to as Terrace or French Doors, are commonly used to replace existing Sliding Patio Doors but can be used in new construction or anywhere in your home for a wide open feel and look, while still maintaining security, and energy efficiency.

Our Doors are available in 2 or 3 panel configurations in a range of standard sizes to fit almost any application. Custom size Garden Doors are available with some restrictions in smaller widths. All of our Garden Doors are fitted with an external sliding screen or Roll-Away hidden screens are available as an option.

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